I'm Ray :D

⭐Welcome to my carrd!⭐

☁️About Me/BYF☁️


☁️About Me/BYF☁️

If you want more information about my gender/sexuality, head on over to this carrd!If you wanna see my synpaths and comfort characters, please check out this carrd!

🟣 While my only name is Ray, I answer to some nicknames, too! These include Myeduza, Fellow, and Kel!🟣 I'm mixed race; my mom is white and my biological father is Salvadorian. Unfortunately, I don't know much about my non-white side and hope to learn more about my culture when I am independent.🟣 I self-diagnose with OSDD-1a, and hope to see a professional for a diagnosis someday. I am not very vocal about my system on my main account, and will not answer questions about my system to those who aren't close.🟣 Along with OSDD-1a, I self-diagnose myself with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder.) I also self-diagnose with Autism and hope to get an official diagnosis for both of these in the future.🟣 I have a QPR (queer-platonic relationship) as well as a boyfriend and am not actively looking for another relationship at the moment.🟣 I have extremely poor memory and often forget things, please gently remind me if I've forgotten something.🟣 Additionally, I will not remember/recognize that you have soft-blocked me; please hardblock instead.🟣 I make a lot of typos, may word things incorrectly, and use tone tags (if you don't want me to use tone tags with you, please let me know! I have a habit of over-using them and am working on it.) Use tone tags when talking to me, please!


I no longer use this page.

Don't post your triggers in public spaces, as people can use that to harm you. Stay safe, mute keywords instead of relying solely on others properly tagging.


DNI If you condone/support/associate with the following:

🟣 Pedophilia/MAPs/Proshippers🟣 Zoophiles/Zoophilia🟣 Homophobia/Transphobia🟣 Ableism (includes being against Objectum.)🟣 Racism🟣 Zionism🟣 Antisemitism🟣 All Lives Matter/Blue Lives Matter🟣 Fatphobia🟣 Eating Disorder Twitter/edtwt🟣 Self Harm Twitter/shtwt🟣 Bi/Pan/Mspec Lesbians🟣 TERFs🟣 Cringe Culture

Anyone I come across who fits these criteria will be hardblocked, no exceptions.